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The Pure Results Story

Hi. My name is Kami. After more than 25 years in the skincare industry, 15 of those as a Medical Esthetician, I was frustrated when I couldn't find skincare products with active ingredients that hadn't been diluted by water as well as numerous, unnecessary fillers.  I couldn't understand why so many skin care companies filled their products with ingredients that, at the cellular level, have no benefit to the skin and may actually contain items that could be harmful.  Why not create products without fillers, harmful preservatives and ingredients that are useless?  Why is water the first ingredient in a skincare product?  Could skincare products be created with undiluted, active ingredients that affect a change in the way skin looks, feels and behaves?  Could they be available at a price point for the everyday client to have every day?  I always believed those products could exist...and now they do. Welcome to Pure Results!